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When Tasha Grossl was preparing to launch her edibles business, she had a couple of things in mind that she wanted to convey with both her company’s name and logo. First, she wanted customers to recognize that her business is what she describes as a “feminine forward” enterprise that’s woman run and operated. The other message she wanted the name and logo to carry is her belief in cannabis as a wellness product.

“DJ Short’s Blueberry” Cultivated by Matanuska Bud, purchased at the Green Jar. (19.55% THC, 0% CBD, Indica dominant) — I picked up the 10-pack of pre-rolls which were a half gram each, equal to 5 grams for $40. What I really loved about this 10-pack was the extra touches that the Green Jar puts into the packaging. First, inside the childproof container is a small box of strike anywhere matches that are also branded with the Green Jar‘s logo. Also, affixed into the lid of the 10 pack is a print out of some tips and hints from the bud tenders about pre-rolls. That’s a really nice touch, especially for a beginner or first time smoker. This strain is a heavy hitter and has very powerful sedative effects - straight to the head. The strain also has an alluring creamy and inviting blueberry flavor and aroma. This is a very special strain it’s highly sought after for its legendary genetics. I’m always thrilled to see it on the shelves. Great work Green Jar and Matanuska Bud 

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