Herbal Chef Butter Infuser, at Grass Station 49 in Fairbanks. Dorothy Chomicz photo

The holidays are upon us and we all know what that means — it’s time to get busy in the kitchen. Whether you’re whipping up batches of brownies to give as gifts, making a special cake for a party, or enjoying the simple pleasure of warm sugar cookies fresh from the oven, baking can be a fun and relaxing way to get into the holiday spirit. To elevate the experience and make something that’s sure to bring more joy to the world, try baking with cannabutter instead of regular butter this year.

If you’re worried about the hassle of making your own cannabutter, don’t worry, the Gadget Corner’s got you covered. Gone are the days of mixing water, butter and weed in a pot, cooking it for a mind-numbing two to three hours and straining it with cheesecloth. Technology has come to the rescue once again, and butter infusing machines can get the job done in 10 minutes or so without all of the fuss.

A top-of-the-line butter infuser that grinds, heats, stirs and steeps will set you back about $175, but if you want a low-cost version that works like a charm with minimal hassle, the Herbal Chef Butter Infuser is the way to go.

The infuser looks and operates similar to an old-fashioned coffee percolator. Since your weed needs to be decarboxylated to activate the THC, grind up about half an ounce, put it in a covered baking dish and bake at 240 degrees for about 45 to 60 minutes. Unscrew the bottom portion of the infuser and put one stick of butter, cut into chunks, into the bottom of the lower chamber. Add a half a cup of water to this chamber and place the filter cup on top.

Loosely fill the filter cup with your decarboxylated weed and screw on the upper container. Place the entire unit on the stovetop on medium heat for about 10 minutes until it starts gurgling and whistling like a teapot. The weed-infused melted butter-and-water mixture will percolate upward into the top container until it’s about three-fourths full. Remove from heat, cool slightly and pour the mixture into a bowl. Chill overnight and the water will settle to the bottom. Drain the water out, gently reheat the butter to make it liquid again and pour into molds or a storage container.

The stovetop version of the Herbal Chef Butter Infuser makes one stick of infused butter and costs $40 online or at cannabis retailers such as Grass Station 49 in Fairbanks. A two-stick model costs $50. Electric versions are available online for about $80 to $99.

As always, use common sense when giving or consuming edibles. Make sure anyone who eats them knows they contain cannabis, consume slowly and cautiously to avoid overdoing it, and keep them away from children.

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