Silicone smokers

If you’ve ever had a smoke session ruined by clumsy hands and shattered glass, then you might want to give silicone pipes or water bongs a try.

Silicone has been a go-to material for just about anything in the kitchen for a long time. It has a high heat resistance, incredible durability, no impact on taste and easy cleanability, making it perfect for a nearly indestructible smoking device, whether it be a handheld pipe or water bong.

There’s been an explosion of silicone-made smoking devices in the past few years, yielding a dizzying array of colorful and unique pieces in all different shapes and sizes for both flower and concentrates. They function in precisely the same way as a traditional glass piece, offering a few advantages — and a disadvantage or two — compared to glass pipes.

The biggest downside of silicone compared to glass pieces is that they’re not clear, so gauging how much smoke you’re drawing can take some practice.

The colorful silicone can also hide the buildup of gross resin and other residue, but at the very least silicone is far easier than glass to clean. All it takes to clean out a silicone device is a trip to the dishwasher.

Silicone pipes aren’t completely indestructible, at least off the shelf, because a lot of pieces like the bowl and downstems are often made out of glass.

The Bend, Oregon-based Strong Silicone offers a Bombproof Kit to replace the glass pieces with titanium. Some companies have already gone ahead and removed breakable glass components. Roll Uh Bowl makes a collapsible outdoors-focused silicone pipe equipped with a metal alloy bowl.

—Matt Buxton

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