For those who like a discrete, convenient way to get high on the go, nothing beats a dugout.

Popular since the ‘70s, a dugout is a small container with a lid that pops open or twists to the side to reveal compartments inside. A small, tubular one-hitter pipe, also known as a bat, sits in a spring-loaded compartment and pops up when the lid is opened. A larger, oval-shaped compartment holds a small amount of cannabis. Some dugouts contain an extra compartment to hold a metal poker for cleaning out your pipe afterward.

Though newer versions can be made of stone, metal or acrylic, dugouts are traditionally made of wood. A basic model manufactured by Grindhouse and sold at True Dank in Fairbanks costs about $10.

Versions made with exotic woods, inlays and laser engraving can run into the $35 range and can be found online. If you’re looking for something more high-end, Canadian company Futo Smoke offers $130 “Galaxy Burl” dugouts made from stabilized and dyed burlwood. The multi-hued dyes bring out nuances in the woodgrain that mimic a tiny nebula. In the right frame of mind, a person could stare at the swirls of color for hours.

Dugout Dynasty offers aluminum dugouts with locking tops to keep your stash secure and odor-free.

A version featuring a stainless steel one-hitter pipe, an inset pocket on the back that can be used as an ashtray, and an engraved logo of the Southern California, psychedelic hip-hop punk band “Kottonmouth Kings” on the front can be found online for $65.

Whether you’re looking for a utilitarian piece, a miniature work of art or a trip down memory lane, dugouts are definitely worth trying. Their ease of use and nostalgia value make them a popular item at True Dank, according to budtender Marcus Shircel.

“Everyone loves those things,” he said. “They’re old-school “sneaker tokes.”

Contact staff writer Dorothy Chomicz at dchomicz@AlaskaCannabist or 907-459-7582.

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