KODIAK — A Kodiak man has been charged with assault, reckless driving and reckless endangerment after he allegedly drove into oncoming traffic and nearly hit a child riding a bicycle.

Thomas Carlsen, 29, was charged with reckless endangerment and reckless driving, class A misdemeanors, and assault, a class C felony. The assault charge is the result of the allegation that Carlsen “recklessly placed another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury by means of a dangerous instrument, to whit, a motor vehicle.”

According to court documents, the Kodiak Police Department responded to a report of a motor vehicle collision at 2015 Mill Bay Road on June 19. Once on the scene, officers observed a vehicle crashed into a stack of crab pots. 

According to court documents, “there were no observable roadway hazards or weather conditions altering the ability to drive.”

A witness to the collision reported that Carlsen “zig zagged” across traffic three times, running a car off the road and nearly hitting a child riding a bicycle. Another witness reported that Carlsen drove into oncoming traffic, and came “within a couple feet” of hitting the child, according to court documents. 

Carlsen told police officers that he had been driving back from Walmart when he “blacked out and crashed into crab pots,” the document states. Carlsen attributed his loss of consciousness to “possibly being diabetic” and indicated that he had no memory of going up onto the sidewalk or almost colliding with the child.

A search of Carlsen’s car revealed burnt tin foil, which is consistent with paraphernalia for heroin use, according to the court document. Furthermore, the search revealed Narcan, a grinder commonly used to grind up marijuana. The search also revealed a canister of air duster that appeared new, and had plastic rolled down off the nozzle. This is consistent with use of the air duster as an inhalant, which can cause loss of consciousness, according to the document. Carlsen told officers that none of those items belonged to him.

The owner of the crab pots estimated that the damage done would cost $700 to repair. 

A search of the Alaska Public Safety Information Network revealed numerous prior convictions of Carlsen, including assault in the fourth degree and driving under the influence.

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