Did you know you more than likely encounter terpenes on a daily basis? Yes! Terpenes are the molecules that produce the natural flavors and aromas found in our everyday plants and spices.

As the recreational cannabis scene unfolds, more and more users are searching for those high-terpene and flavorful strains at their favorite local dispensary. And as more and more research is going on, studies show that the terpene content plays a huge factor in overall experience in what the common consumer perceives as indica, sativa, and hybrid.

There is virtually an unlimited number of combinations of synergistic effects these terpenes contain, allowing them to be mixed and tailored to fit any individual’s unique needs.

As a TerpNerd, I feel it is essential to point out that as terpenes become more common knowledge in the public, the more vital it becomes that people are educated about them.

Terpenes may be flavorful and have shown to have therapeutic benefits; however, terpenes in their isolated form can be very volatile and should always be diluted and handled with proper protective gear while maintaining a safe dosage.

That’s what we hope to do here with our monthly TerpNerd column. So stay informed with this monthly TerpNerd column featured here in the Alaska Cannabist. We’re striving to keep the public educated on natural alternatives and how to properly mix to allow the greatest benefit to your needs.

Make sure to look for the next TerpNerd column for recipes and facts on how to use nature to its fullest.

Until then, remember these words of the late self-help author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer. “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.”

It’s time to lift the stigma of terpenes and inform.

Anthony Dellapietro owns Anchorage-based Hempire Co., which has stores in Anchorage, Palmer and Fairbanks.

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