“Sour Petroleum” grown by Mercy Tree, purchased at AK GOOD Cannabis. (28.25% THC, 1.83% terpenes) Piney, gassy, lemony aroma lifts you high into a clear, focused buzz. This strain also gave me the munchies! Sour Petroleum is a hybrid who’s parenting plants are East Coast Sour Diesel and Tahoe OG. I also want to mention that I received great service by Sierra at AK Good Cannabis, and I also gotta give Good Cannabis some props on their style. They consistently put out nice prerolls that are all neatly folded and clipped. It's a beautiful thing.

“Permafrost” grown by Fox Creek, LLC and purchased at Rebel Roots’ new location on Farmers Loop. (24.7 THC, 2.38% terpenes) According to online forums, Permafrost is also known as Blue Permafrost and was originally bred by Rogue Buds. Permafrost is a sativa hybrid. No one is really sure who the parenting plans of Permafrost are; there's four plants that could be contributing to this wonder flower. (Train Wreck, White Widow, Kali Mist and Trinity Snow). For me, the strain was really motivating. It got me busy on some cleaning projects and I blew through a few things that I've had lurking in the background for far too long, if you know what I mean. Rebel Roots’ new store is laid out much like their Goldstream location. There were mostly Black Rapids and Fox Creek flower on their menu, and the prices were fine — not too high  but also no super values that drew my attention. I do love this location: its super convenient if you're headed to the transfer site, and makes for a great pit stop on your way out of Fairbanks.

“Notorious THC” grown by Warner Brothers Horticulture and purchased at Nature’s ReLeaf. (25.11% THC, 3.34% terpenes) This was a little high-priced for the going rate on flower lately at $17 for 1 gram, but I had never seen the strain before and I was really interested in giving it a try — besides, that THC number justifies the price point. I do wish Nature’s ReLeaf displayed their prices next to the jars or somewhere visible, though. Perhaps there is a way to see prices and I’ve just never noticed? It seems as though the shop is being remodeled too, which is exciting! It’s definitely become a hot spot in downtown Fairbanks over the last four to five years. This strain is bred by Humboldt Seed Company and is a cross between Humboldt OG and Caramel Cream. Forums say that this strain “drips gas and her trichomes shine like a diamond.” I’ll take some of that!! The nug I was sold definitely had a nice thick layer of crystals and resin and was fresh and sweet in aroma. The smoke was easy and smooth with delicate notes of kush and flowers. Nice one! Check it out!

“Nova OG” Grown by Northern Lights Indoor Garden in Sitka and sold at Northern Lights Indoor Garden. (18.56% THC, No terps or CBD indicated) This strain has a unique aroma of coffee and lemon that finishes with a hint of zesty lime. Nova OG is 80% indica and is a cross between Stardawg Guava and an OG/Diesel strain. Bred by Malani West, Nova OG has been used for medical applications in other states because of its powerful indica effects and sky-high THC capabilities. I found this strain to be social and cheerful, with flavors ranging from sweet pine to soft diesel with vibrant citrus undertones.

That’s all for now, please be safe out there Alaska! Please direct any correspondence to our editor Dorothy Resch Chomicz at editor@alaskacannabist.com.

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