Cinnamon Toast Munch cereal bars

Cinnamon Toast Munch cereal bars are a fan favorite. Photo courtesy of Treat Yo’Self

For Cinnamon Toast Munch cereal bars, crunching the competition is a win for the child in all of us.

After all, sugar represents an early high. So why not create a nostalgia trip for adults with cannabis-infused cereal bars?

Cinnamon Toast Munch, made by Treat Yo’ Self, is a popular throwback to a favorite cereal. It is hard to resist and the easy winner in the Best Cereal competition.

So what if stoners chose a cereal bar over a milk-drenched bowl of grains? The handmade cereal bars are a testament to the TLC that Treat Yo’ Self chef-owner AJ Ross bakes in to the edibles at his North Pole shop.

Treat Yo’ Self’s edibles include Green Dream lollipops and cereal confections, with Cinnamon Toast Munch the clear winner (though you may want to load up on Fruit Hoop Dream and Captain Munchie’s Crunch too).

The popularity of Cinnamon Toast Munch and other products at Treat Yo’ Self are an American success story with a stoner’s twist, just like the cinnamon swirls that delight the taste buds in every weed-infused bite of the locally famous cereal bars.

The edibles are sold at dozens of Alaska dispensaries, so they’re convenient to buy.

So grab a jug of milk, dig into a Cinnamon Toast Munch bar and queue up a YouTube video of dancing cinnamon toast squares from those old TV ads.

Now that’s a trip down memory lane.

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