Cloning kit

As amateur gardeners and thrifty-minded stoners know, growing your own weed can be a rewarding hobby. For those who want to avoid the long wait and guesswork involved in growing from seed, cloning is the best option.

Luckily, cloning supplies are relatively inexpensive and readily available in many gardening supply stores or online.

The Rapid Rooter plant starter kit from General Hydroponics contains the basic essentials for a successful homegrow. Each kit includes 50 cloning plugs, a propagation tray and an inset rooting tray. The plugs are made from composted organic materials and have pre-made holes in their centers to hold each plant cutting.

The plugs sit in individual cells in the rooting tray, which is placed in the deeper propagation tray. The space between the two trays can be filled with nutrient-enriched water and provides room for newly-developing roots.

The kit is available at Holm Town Nursery in Fairbanks for $25 or online for approximately $27.

A few add-ons increase the chance of a successful grow. A sharp blade reduces damage to the plant tissue when taking a cutting from the mother plant, and rooting hormone, available in powder, liquid or gel form, helps promote root growth.

A vented humidity dome traps moisture and allows in light, both of which are essential for the developing clone.

At Holm Town Nursery, a box of 10 scalpels retails for $20 and a humidity dome that fits on top of the Rapid Rooter kit is $7. A small packet of cloning gel, good for about 50 clones, goes for $7.

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