It’s not always easy to focus when you’re high, but comedian Lachlan Patterson kept a roomful of stoners hanging on his every word while performing a live comedy show at Good Titrations’ on-site consumption cafe last month.

Patterson, known for his laid back delivery and surfer-dude style, smoked a joint on stage, interacted with the audience and told insightful jokes about such diverse topics as vegetables, baby clothing, pillows, dating tips and animal names during his 50 minute set.

The comedy show was a collaboration between the owners of Good Titrations and local comedian and comedy show producer Jerry Evans. Good Titrations storefront on the Johanson Expressway features a cannabis retail store, a central “show grow” room with windows for viewing the growing plants, and an on-site consumption cafe serving coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages. Customers with the munchies can order food from ‘The Cheesehead Joint,’ a small restaurant connected to back of the cafe that specializes in imaginative, cheese-based snacks and milk shakes with breakfast cereal mixed in (think Crunch Berries, Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops). Altogether, it seemed like the perfect environment for a comedy show, according to Evans.

“When I finally thought it was the right time to bring live comedy back to Fairbanks, I not only wanted to do it safely, I wanted to make it something really special,” Evans wrote in an email. “I was very picky in choosing which national comedian to offer our first live show in 20 months. I’m so amped that Fairbanks' favorite Lachlan Patterson was available, He’s so funny, so likable, and totally weed-friendly.”

The cannabis cafe seats about 60 people and tickets sold out almost immediately. In a telephone interview several hours before the show, Patterson said he was looking forward to doing stand-up in a small, on-site consumption cafe.

“This will be the first time I’ve ever known for sure that my entire audience is stoned. Also, this will one of the smallest venues I’ve performed in. It makes for a really fun show. When it’s small and the audience is that close, your forced to be very connected, Patterson said. “I think I’ll try to cater to what’s there, but you can’t really plan too much, because when you get up there, it never goes according to plan. And this is a bunch of people who are baked.”

Because the on-site consumption cafe wasn’t built with live entertainment in mind, Evans and Good Titrations co-owner Shaun Tacke had to get creative when it came to providing a stage. After trying several different arrangements, they ultimately decided to build a small wooden stage and place it between the order bar and a row of bench seating. This allowed customers to purchase cannabis products and a coffee drinks while also ensuring everyone in the room could see the show. It also made for a very up-close and personal interaction between the comedians and the audience.

So what’s it like watching stand-up comedy in a room full of stoned people? Pretty much like any comedy show, except for what felt like a strangely subdued mood as the audience waited for the show to start. People passed joints around tables, compared their purchases and quietly discussed the relative merits of different strains and concentrates. It took a while to figure out what was missing: the loud chatter of a crowd well-lubricated with alcohol. In this strictly regulated industry, customers can belly up to the bar for a latte or smoothie, but that’s it. No beer, wine, or hard alcohol allowed, just cannabis in all of its forms. Hence the mellow atmosphere and lack of drunken bellowing. Pretty nice, actually.

The room started to come alive during opening sets by Evans and his longtime comedy partner Glen Anderson, and by the time Patterson hit the stage they audience was ready to let loose.

Dressed casually and with a knit beanie taming a lion’s mane of curly, sun-kissed curls, Patterson instantly engaged the audience with his brand of dry, observational humor. Patterson commented on the slick decor and lack of bean bag chairs before telling a story about cauliflower that had the audience laughing loudly in agreement and recognition. Someone handed him a joint and he lit up, noting how strange it felt.

“I’m getting high on stage legally! Yeah, because that was the thing that was stopping me,” he said sarcastically.

Patterson continued to smoke thought the set and kept the crowd roaring with jokes about free-range eggs, giving women flowers, the side effects of weed and how people judge others by their looks.

‘Every time I walk by a group of people hacky sacking they always toss it my way! It’s not fair,” he said, referencing his college campus stoner vibe. Patterson, who looks more like a model than a comedian, then gently poked fun at himself.

“We all have our own challenges. For some people it’s drug addiction, for other’s it’s cancer. In my case it’s that my cheekbones are so high they hang up my cell phone when I’m talking to people.”

Good Titrations co-owner Shaun Tacke was pleased with how the show went.

“We’re absolutely glad we did it and we’re looking forward to doing more,” Tacke said afterward. "People enjoyed it, and it’s a good way to showcase our name and let people know we’re here.”

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