And it’s a wrap. The first Alaska Cannabist Readers’ Choice Awards competition is in the books, so here’s a hearty congratulations to all of the winners and to everyone who participated by voting for their faves.

We hope it was fun for you all. It was fun for us here at Alaska Cannabist.

This was truly a statewide affair. We’ve got winners from across the Great Land. To name a few: The Stoney Moose in Ketchikan, Green Go in Anchorage/Wasilla, Grass Station 49 in Fairbanks/Nome, and Red Run Cannabis Company of Kenai.

What does that tell us?

It tells us that there’s great cannabis and great cannabis products and people throughout Alaska.

Ever since Alaskans easily approved the establishment of a legal cannabis industry in 2014, Alaska’s cannabis entrepreneurs — retailers, manufacturers, cultivators and testers — have been learning and expanding. And who benefits? Consumers for sure, but so does the state government and the local governments that have chosen to allow legal cannabis within their jurisdictions. They benefit from the tax revenue raised by this still-new industry.

Alaska’s legal cannabis industry is thriving, and we’re delighted to see the hard work of so many people be recognized through the first Alaska Cannabist Readers’ Choice Awards.

As it is with any “best of” list, people will debate the results. Alaska has so many good products and people in the cannabis industry, and that undoubtedly means a bowl full of opinions.

That’s part of the fun of it all.

But like Marc Tyler, co-owner of Red Run, said when told his company had won top honors in the Best Infused Drink category: “What is pretty nice about winning this award here is that it was the people’s choice, and they are the ones that made it happen.”

That’s it for the first Alaska Cannabist Readers’ Choice Awards. So, everyone, be thinking about the 2021 awards.

Also, we’re always looking to improve, so let us know how we can make next year’s competition better.

Get in touch with me at

Thanks, everyone, for reading. Look for Alaska Cannabist magazine at your favorite retailer around the state. And find us online at

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