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For many weed lovers out there, nothing beats a cannabis concentrate for those times when you want to get really, really high. Usually coming in at 50% to 85% THC, concentrates pack more bang for your buck than a humble bud. The problem is, concentrates — be they shatter, crumble, budder, wax, pull and snap, etc. — are sticky. They stick to your hands, they stick to glass, they stick to just about everything. Except silicone. For that reason, this silicone gun dab holder could be your new weapon of choice.

This product comes in a variety of colors, but the black model looks so realistic that Alaska Cannabist can’t really recommend it. The multi-color or camouflage versions are good options, though, and both sides snap together so tightly that not a drop of your potent and precious stash will be lost. To use, put your glass container of concentrate in the freezer until it’s nice and cold (so it won’t stick to the glass) then dump the contents into one of the five round or oval depressions. A long slot along the top holds your dab tool or even a joint, if you like to multitask. Now all you need is a dab rig and you’re on your way!

The silicone gun dab container costs $25 at True Dank and other cannabis retailers around the state. It can also be found online for about $29.

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