The Incredibowl 420 pipe is an oldie but a goodie

Photo courtesy of Incredibowl Industries

The folks who run the Alaska Cannabist aren’t convinced that I can come up with a new and different cannabis-related gadget each month, but they don’t know the depths of splurge buying I’ve done over the last decade.

For this month’s edition of the Gadget Corner, I wanted to dip back into my dusty collection of gadgets to talk about the one gadget I actually will dig out from time to time. It’s the Incredibowl M420, a mixture of science-class demonstration project and evolutionary dead-end of pipes.

The Incredibowl M420, made by Incredibowl Industries, is one of the more unique pieces I’ve tried out. It’s a clear polycarbonate pipe akin to a steamroller pipe with a spring-loaded metal contraption that contains the bowl and carb on one end. It works by lighting the flower and drawing into the pipe, creating a neat visual of the smoke pouring into what is essentially a vacuum, and then once you’ve drawn enough you pull the tip of the spring-fed bowl, allowing all the smoke to be inhaled in one big shotgun-style hit. The look of the smoke filling the chamber as if it’s oil and water is neat all on its own, but it all makes for a pretty good, strong and flavorful hit.

It does definitely take some getting used to, and I’ve seen plenty of people throw themselves into coughing fits on their first attempt. But after a few tries, it’s easy to get a handle on just how much smoke you’re generating, which is nice for dosing how much you’re going to hit. If you’re also really into it, there are longer polycarbonate chambers that allow for bigger hits. They also sold adapters that would allow the spring-loaded contraption to be adapted to a bong.

Unfortunately, the Incredibowl appears to be out of production and relatively hard to find nowadays. You can still find some online at the odd retailer for about $50 a pop and there’s still plenty of folks out there making replacement parts, especially for the glass bowl that is somewhat easy to break when cleaning (which on its own is a bit of a hassle).

Searching around for modern alternatives unfortunately doesn’t yield all that many results—but the Fumo Pipe and the PypTek Prometheus Dreamroller—look to be about as similar as you’ll find. There’s also the more traditional steamroller-style pipes, but they don’t get quite the science fiction-y vibe.

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