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Hamilton Devices KR1, $65-$90

The glass display cases at retail shops are usually chock-full of the kind of gadgets that appeal to my gadget-y heart. Neat glass, deluxe rolling stations and fancy vaporizers that are all mostly hard to justify for someone as clumsy and prone to losing things as me. Still, what better justification for shelling out some cash than a gadget review column!

Asking a budtender “What kind of neat gadgets would you recommend?” is what landed a Hamilton Devices KR1 vaporizer on my desk. It’s a gadget that’s probably best described as the most overkill vaporizer battery out there. The KR1 takes traditional half- and one-gram cartridges (or traditional marijuana concentrates with an included adapter) and covers it with an enclosure that turns it into a bubbler.

Let’s be clear, the Hamilton Devices’ KR1 as well as its bigger brother PS1 (which can handle two cartridges, two concentrate adapters or one of each) and the pipe-shaped PB1 (which handles only cartridges) are about as overkill as you can get for cartridge vaporizers at between about $50 and $100 apiece, but they look and feel darn nice while using them.

The KR1 works nicely. It’s activated with the press of a button and has a hole that serves as a carb to fill and empty the chamber with vapor. The bubbler makes drawing from the cartridge easy and enjoyable, though I must admit that I’ve never really had a problem with the standard vape batteries. Still, it’s nicely convenient, hard to lose (a plus, in my book), has LED lights if that’s something you’re into and looks nice on a desk. The base is metal and gives it a nice weight in the hand, the glass combination mouthpiece bubbler is easier to fill with water than most and it’s easy to clean.

Would I buy one of these if not for this column? Probably not, but I would be thrilled to get it as a gift.

Hamilton Devices KR1, $65-$90

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