Whether you’re prepping for the apocalypse, attending a political rally or just self-medicating after watching the evening news, this gas mask bong helps you do it in style.

Made of rubber and with adjustable straps, the one-size-fits-all mask features plastic eyepieces and cleans up easily with dish soap and water. The detachable acrylic bong has a one-hit metal bowl and the carb hole is located within easy reach midway up the tube.

According to budtenders at Grass Station 49 in Fairbanks, the gas mask bong is a lot of fun to use but offers a slightly different smoking experience.

“Your eyes get high first,” warned Melissa Taylor.

Tamera Beckley explained what her coworker meant as she modeled the bong for Alaska Cannabist.

“The eye area fills up before you can actually inhale anything, and while you’re inhaling the smoke still stays up in your eyes. It’s because it’s a snapper bowl and you just light the whole thing until all the smoke is gone. You gotta be ready,” Beckley said with a knowing giggle. “It’s a one hitter, but it’s a big hit.”

The gas mask bong shown here retails for $49.99 at Grass Station 49. It and others like it can be found online at prices ranging from $32 to $50.

Beckley offered a theory as to why the bong is a consistent top seller at the store.

“They look kind of badass. They’re scary but cool, and stoners can relate to that.”

Contact Alaska Cannabist staff writer Dorothy Chomicz at 907-459-7582 or at dchomicz@AlaskaCannabist.com

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