Troy “Fuzzy” Millhouse has been experimenting with different cannabis strains since he was a teenager, and one of them was voted “Highest THC” in the Alaska Cannabis Readers’ Choice Awards this summer.

Cupcake is a sativa hybrid, about 60/40, that Millhouse crossbred with Wedding Cake and “the other one I can’t say,” he said. It tests in the low to mid-30%s for THC. Millhouse owns the Green Go LLC cultivation facility and recently opened the Canna Get Happy dispensary in Wasilla.

“It has a strong body effect to it and it has kind of a sweet smell to it,” Millhouse said. “It’s a great stress reliever. Good for pain. It will relax you without putting you to bed.”

Millhouse harvests about 60 plants per week at his cultivation facility and grows more than 40 strains, although Cupcake and Gas Monkey are his two most popular strains. He grows a variety because most of the dispensaries he sells to will buy a pound of every kind and they regularly sell out.

“We have over 10 strains with over 30 THC,” he said. “Those are legitimate numbers.”

Millhouse was born and raised in Anchorage. He and his brother, Jamie, started one of the first legal cannabis cultivations, AK Fuzzy Budz, soon after the plant was legalized in Alaska. They later opened a retail operation but in the past couple of years have created separate businesses. Fuzzy Millhouse said his nickname was given to him as a baby because his hair would stick up, even when his mother tried to gel it into submission.

Millhouse became interested in cannabis years before it was legalized, especially creating new strains. He said some of his strains have cost him thousands of dollars to create.

“It’s true genetics,” he said. “It’s like two sisters. One might be tall, the other the short one.”

Over the years, he created some strains that he really likes, and today more than half of the strains he grows and sells are ones that he created.

At one time, Millhouse owned Hard Rock Designs, a business that specialized in granite counter tops, but as the cannabis business consumed more of his time, he sold out. His Wasilla outlet, Canna Get Happy, is a family affair, with him, his wife and kids running the operation. That’s just how he likes it. He plans to move his grow operation to Wasilla, as well.

“No more hard work,” he said, laughing. “I prefer cannabis, and it’s always been my passion anyway.”

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