Morning tea with her dog

Tea with best friend.

Having trouble falling asleep or simply just staying asleep but can’t stand that groggy feeling typically associated with over-the-counter sleep medications and prescriptions? It’s your local TerpNerd back with another month of some terpene fun.

Let us talk a little bit about Mother Nature’s gift of terpenes that, when blended properly, may be able to help naturally remedy your situation.

If the natural holistic approach is your go-to method, as many Alaskans take pride in, you may be thinking that “‘tea’ is the perfect relaxing agent when I am trying to wind down. Why use terpenes?”

Let’s start by saying terpenes can have potent mood-altering effects. As an example, myrcene is found in mangoes, lemongrass, even in a vast variety of “teas.”

Boasting an earthy/fruity aroma, it has been shown to have a distinctive sedative effect. A derivative of myrcene is myrcenol, which is found in various strains of botanicals used for teas and contributes to the renowned relaxing qualities of herbs and teas.

Here are some fun recipes to try when feeling a need for a little extra help relaxing or to boost up the flavor of your favorite tea:

Indi-Couch Chamomile

Add 50μL (1 drop) of linalool and 50μL of myrcene (μL is a microliter)

1-2 grams of dried passionflower (as desired)

1 chamomile tea bag

1 teaspoon organic honey or agave (If you have access, I highly recommend CBD-infused)

1 cup boiling water

Elderberry Limonene Tea

Add 150μL (2-3 drops) of D-Limonene

1 teaspoon elderberry Juice

About 1 teaspoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon organic honey or agave (If you have access, I highly recommend CBD-infused)

1 cup boiling water

Stay informed with the monthly TerpNerd columns by your local TerpNerd. Next month I will try to tackle a growing misunderstanding on the differences, if any, between the vastly popular “cannabis-derived terpenes” and typical botanically derived terpenes.

Until next month! Stay safe and Terp on!

Anthony Dellapietro lives in Wasilla.

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