Andrew Macinko, 26, has been charged with felony driving under the influence, misdemeanor  driving with a revoked license and two counts of violating conditions of release. 

Kodiak police observed Macinko on Friday at 5:35 p.m. driving a gold-color truck. They had previously been attempting to locate him and serve him a permanent criminal trespass from Walmart for an unrelated case. 

The officer conducted a traffic stop on Selief Lane and approached Macinko’s vehicle to serve him the criminal trespass. While speaking with Macinko, the officer saw that he had “bloodshot glazed-over eyes, constricted pupils and body tremor,” said the court documents.

These symptoms are generally consistent with controlled substance use. 

After the officer went to his patrol car to retrieve the trespass form, he requested the department to search Macinko’s history. 

A search through the Alaska Public Safety Information Network revealed that Macinko was on domestic-violence-related conditions of release, and had a revoked driver’s license.  

The officer asked Macinko about the revoked license and his motions that were consistent with controlled substance use. 

Macinko said he did not know that his driver’s license was revoked and that he had recently smoked a cigarette. 

When the officer asked him about the body tremors, Macinko said he was just nervous. 

The officer then asked Macinko to close his eyes and tilt his head back, and he reportedly observed an eyelid tremor, another indication of controlled substance abuse. 

When the office asked him about the tremor, Macinko said he had taken Suboxone, a drug often prescribed to help with opiate withdrawals. 

Following a request by the officer, Macinko performed and failed numerous sobriety tests. In the car, the police found lighters, a Suboxone prescription and a folded-up piece of tin foil in his wallet, commonly used to smoke heroin, said the documents. 

Officers also found two sealed packages of marijuana joints from a local marijuana retail store, drug paraphernalia, a pistol, empty Adderall prescription bottles, numerous unidentified pills, vials of adrenaline and needles. 

The police administered various breath and blood tests, and arrested Macinko. 

A routine check through the Alaska Public Safety Information Network revealed that Macinko had two prior DUI charges in the last 10 years. 

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