The 2021 Alaska Cannabist Readers’ Choice award for Best Cannabis Cookie went to Lady Gray Medibles for their Chocolate Mocha Chunk cookie. The cookie takes the familiar classic chocolate cookie up a level with the addition of sophisticated flavors such as espresso and chocolate, both of which pair well with cannabis infusions.

“It means a lot to our small team to be recognized in any capacity, especially readers choice,” Lady Gray Medibles owner Tasha Grossl wrote in an email. According to Grossl, the cookie combines “the best of both worlds.”

“We get a deeply complex chocolate flavor profile that marries the earthy cannabis flavor perfectly,” she explained. The cookies are made with organic and fairly traded Peruvian chocolate and fairly traded espresso powder.

Grossl explained that she got the idea for the Chocolate Mocha Chunk cookie when she first began experimenting with the already popular organic chocolate. She wanted to create “a more sophisticated cookie with adult flavors,” Grossl said.

“We intended to create a grown up cookie flavor that everyone would appreciate and hit a home run with these,” states the product description for the Chocolate Mocha Chunk cookie.

Specifically, the goal was to combine espresso to “kick the chocolate flavor up a notch” and to finish the cookie off with sea salt. The cookies have a “rich, intense” chocolate flavor paired with a “kiss of espresso” and are completed with a sprinkle of sea salt. As to why people gravitate towards the cookie, Grossl said that the draw is a combination of nostalgia and unexpected flavors. “I think people like [that] the ingredients are familiar enough but arranged in such a way that is still able to surprise them,” Grossl explained. Each cookie contains 20 milligrams of THC.

For Lady Gray Medibles, the win is about more than just the cookie — it provides validation that their work is being well-received. “For me and my team, cannabis makes life better, so to be able to offer the types of things we rely on personally and to hear the feedback of how it’s offering improvements to other people, makes us feel incredible,” said Grossl. This rewarding feeling is their motivation to put in long hours at work, she said.

Based in Soldotna, Lady Gray Medibles produces a variety of cannabis-infused products, both edible and non-edible. “There are so many good things to come from cannabis, we’re simply excited to be a part of it,” Grossl said.

Lady Gray started in 2017 when Grossl “became excited about the new legal industry.” In particular, she wanted to create a quality brand from a female perspective. Lady Gray is named after Grossl’s mother.

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