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Back in the day, using your phone to score a quarter ounce was a dicey proposition. You might get your dealer’s mom, or even worse, find out the line was tapped by the cops.

Fortunately times are changing, and with the rise of legal cannabis coinciding with the explosion of smartphone apps, using modern communications devices to satisfy your cravings has never been easier. Plenty of apps are out there, and here are just a few.

Getting the goods

Finding quality bud is the first order of business, and a couple of popular apps can help you do just that.

WeedMaps is the granddaddy app. Established in 2008, it’s been growing with the industry ever since. Both the app and the website will direct you to the nearest dispensaries, alert you to delivery services, show you what’s available, and provide you with consumer reviews (you can contribute to these as well).

Leafly is the closest competitor to WeedMaps. In addition to providing similar locating services, it also offers video tutorials and helps consumers find the best strain depending on what sort of mood enhancement they’re seeking. It also offers information on medical uses.

Sneaking up from behind is Tokr, which recently received a huge venture capital infusion. In addition to locating nearby dispensaries, it also allows users to create their own curated profiles to help discover trustworthy brands, products, and suppliers.

Finding friends

Why light up alone? It’s the age of social media, and several apps are available for those seeking to meet new friends and share the experience.

HighThere! operates as a social network for meeting fellow consumers. It networks its users with experts, vendors, and aficionados and provides news and consumer guides, all in a safe and friendly environment.

Duby allows anonymity while uploading photos and videos, and users can send personal messages to connect with others, which means it can even double as a dating app.

And if finding the perfect match for your love life is your current ambition, 420 Singles is the place to head.

Medical advice

There’s lots of talk about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, but how do you sort the good advice from the bad?

Releaf was created by Franco Brockelman, whose mother suffered chronic pain. Issued a medical marijuana card, she and her son attempted to navigate the world of palliative cannabis. It was a confusing experience, and out of it grew this app, which helps users access information, connect with doctors and budtenders, track their own symptoms, and manage their health conditions. Especially for novices, it takes the mystery out of medicinal use.

Eaze offers a full range of CBD products online and in some states can connect medical marijuana consumers with delivery services as well as doctors who prescribe cannabis for medicinal use. is another site geared toward medical consumers and provides apps for Android and iPhone.

Grow your own

For the gardening-inclined, growing your own is an irresistible opportunity, but finding information in your pocket while out tending your crops can be troublesome. Again, there are now apps for that.

WeGrow offers advice and allows users to connect with each other to build crowdsourced knowledge.

GrowBuddy promotes itself as “built for growers, by growers.” It offers information for new growers, networking with others, and access to a marketplace for gardening products that are specifically useful for farming cannabis.

In the kitchen

Edibles are a popular means of getting high, especially for health conscious consumers who don’t want to inhale smoke. The Mega Marijuana Cookbook - Cannabis Cooking & Weed offers a variety of recipes to get you started. The app claims to include three cookbooks, titled Weed Cookbook 1, Weed Cookbook 2, and Baked!, but it’s really just one big collection. Recipes include such aptly named treats as twice-baked potatoes, green eggs and ham, Rasta pasta, and summer toasties. There are drinks, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and that old standby, brownies. Also included are instructions for preparing butters, oils, and tinctures.

Measuring your weed with your phone is possible, although it seems to be a developing technology with some bugs that need working out. So far, Apple isn’t allowing scale apps for iOS, but Android has a few free ones up that users can test for themselves, including Weed Scale, Kitchen Scale, and IQ Digital Scale Simulator.

Fun and games

Once you’re comfortably numb, you can also use your phone to keep yourself entertained. Weed Firm RePlanted is a free and popular game app available for both iPhone and Android. You play the hero by getting kicked out of school and going into the dealing business.

Hempire allows you to go big time with your marijuana business and can be played solo or with friends.

Weed Shop 2 has several games up and running. Weed Shop, Weed Bakery, and Weed Garden give players several options for turning virtual cannabis into virtual cash.

One stop shop

Finally, MassRoots is probably the most comprehensive cannabis app on the market. With over a million users, it offers information, news, shopping, dispensary locations and much more.

Clearly there’s no longer a need for coded conversations on landlines about buying your stash. With legalization and smartphones, you’re only limited by what you try.

David James is a freelance writer in Fairbanks. Comments about this story? Email

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