Annie Sample

Why did you decide to become a budtender?

I’ve been connected to The Honey Pot in one way or another for a few years. From sanding the logs of the cabin during its construction and building the fence in the parking lot to cultivating and trimming for Blue Bear Cannafarm, whose label you will find on our shelves. Long story short, the budtender position and my availability opened up at the same time. So here I am, quite happy.

What’s your favorite part of the job? I love interacting with the customers and then getting feedback from their individual experiences from the different products.

What sort of things have you learned on the job? That there is A LOT more to learn! Also, I feel the majority of customers are unaware of the other healing benefits of cannabis, besides the effects from the THC.

How do you help a customer who is new to cannabis, or returning after years away? Consumers have many options these days, but starting out with lower doses is important, and helping them decide if they want to smoke or eat an edible.

What’s the biggest challenge in your job? Not having the time to get familiar with every item we carry and not being able to produce a cure for some of our customers with chronic pain.

What’s your most memorable job experience? That would be the weekend (Honey Pot co-owner) Terreisa Lane and I had a booth at the 2022 Music Cannafest at the Mushers Hall in Fairbanks. The music was so good and the vendors were super. We weren’t allowed to sell our products, but I had so much fun talking to people.

What’s your personal favorite product among those that you sell? My personal favorites are the NorCal Critical CBD and Trunk Funk flower. And also any of the drinks from Tundra Brewing.

How long have you been in Alaska, and if from somewhere else, where? I’ve been in Alaska since 1997. I’m originally from Dunsmuir, California, a small canyon town near Mount Shasta in Northern California.

If you could share a bowl with one famous person in the world, who would it be and why? Peter Tosh. The Mystic Man. I would have loved to celebrate legalization with him.

What are your interests outside of work? Gardening, whittling wood and music.

If someone asked you about becoming a budtender, what would you tell them? Go for it!! How can you go wrong helping people chill out?

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