Mill and fill

Looking for the perfect gift for the cannabis user who has everything? For those who prefer smoking joints but don’t want to roll their own or pay preroll prices, the OTTO “mill and fill” machine may be just the ticket.

Made by Banana Bros., this nifty machine uses aluminum milling blades to grind your weed and then drop it down a funnel into a preroll cone held in the chamber below.

According to the company’s website, OTTO senses the density, moisture level, texture, and consistency of material and automatically changes direction, pressure and speed to give a perfect grind every time.

The OTTO comes with 20 preroll cones, a measuring cup, a USB charging cable, a snap-on cap for on-the-go use, a fresh seal tube to store your preroll in, a single adapter for holding shorter cones and a four-in-one tool that brushes and scours the machine’s blades, tamps down the weed for even burning and opens the cones for easy filling.

The ground-up weed can also be poured into a pipe, bong, or a rolling paper for manual rolling.

According to Tierney Goan, a budtender at GOOD Cannabis in Fairbanks, the OTTO is a favorite of older customers who prefer the old-school style of a joint and appreciate the wonders of modern technology. Other customers see the OTTO and instantly think of that special someone in their life.

“There’s always that one person that says, ‘Oh, my man loves rolling his joints, this is perfect!” Goan said. “They make great gifts.”

The OTTO retails for $125 at GOOD Cannabis and $129 online at It’s sold on Amazon for $99 but described as an “electric smart herb and spice grinder” with a “pollen catcher.”

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