KFAR-AM 660 radio has a talk show about cannabis, and two Fairbanks entrepreneurs are the new hosts.

“The Buzz” is sandwiched between “Fairbanks Foodies” and “Healthtalk” during KFAR’s homegrown Saturday morning lineup.

Shaun Tacke and Brandon Emmett are putting to use their knowledge of cannabis and their industry connections to entertain and inform people about what they jokingly call “the devil’s lettuce.”

The half-hour show airs at 11:30 a.m. and the format is a mix of weed jokes, stories, anecdotes and interviews, with deep dives into issues such as federal legalization or industry banking regulations.

Tacke gets his inspiration from ESPN sports radio, he said during a recent interview.

“I am just trying to be myself,” he said.

Emmett tries to play up the cheesy side of his personality.

“It is supposed to be fun,” he said. “I try to bring a party atmosphere to it.”

Glen Anderson, operations manager for Last Frontier Media Active and program director at KFAR, said that while cannabis enthusiasts might like the show, they hope to appeal to a larger audience.

“It’s not stoners sitting around talking about Doritos and ‘SpongeBob,’” he said. “They talk about politics. They talk about the economic end. They cover hemp and CBD and laws in other states.”

The show, which is also streamed online, is sponsored by Good Titrations, a vertically integrated cannabis business which includes cultivation and manufacturing facilities, a retail store and an onsite consumption cafe. Co-owners Tacke and Emmett had a hand in the successful ballot measure allowing cannabis commerce to come out of the shadows and also helped establish the industry’s regulatory framework. Tacke served on the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly from 2016 to 2019. Emmett previously served on the Alaska Marijuana Control Board and as president of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association, which he helped to form.

“Having been a spokesperson for the cannabis industry for years now, it’s kind of natural to have a radio show,” Emmett said.

“The Buzz” began broadcasting in the spring of 2019 with host Kemp Lankford. Tacke and Emmett took over in the summer of 2021 after Lankford moved out of state. Both Tacke and Emmett are new to radio.

“We’re totally shooting from the hip,” said Tacke the day after they recorded two episodes, one about architecture and design of marijuana businesses and another about sustainability in the cannabis industry. Portland architect Patrick Donaldson was a special guest.

The hosts plan to line up a special guest for each episode. In an earlier episode, they interviewed Frank Berardi, a business partner.

Berardi told the story of when legal cannabis was still new in Alaska and he attempted to travel by airplane with 8 grams of Pineapple Express. An officer with the Fairbanks International Airport police department told him he couldn’t cross a federal Transportation Security Administration checkpoint with the pot. Berardi reminded the officer that state police are not vested with enforcing federal law.

“The officer disagreed. He seized it anyway,” Berardi said.

So he hired a lawyer, got his Pineapple Express back and the police department agreed to lay off confiscating pot from travelers.

Tacke and Emmett said the radio show offers them a break from the grind of running a business.

“It’s fun. It kind of reminds us of why we are doing it,” Emmett said.

Contact staff writer Amanda Bohman at 459-7545 or abohman@AlaskaCannabist.com

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