What if I told you one could access the healing powers of nature much easier than you may think? That’s right! A lot more is available at your local supermarket if you just look in the right places.

Hello Alaska! It’s your local “TerpNerd” tuning in to this month’s edition of Alaska Cannabist to talk shop on where to find some of nature’s hidden secrets at your local market.

When it comes to trying to alleviate symptoms in a more holistic approach, we tend to look more toward the botanical family in search of natural relief or enhancement. Well, if you don’t mind, I would like to bring light to a new and developing set of nature’s superfoods. Mushrooms! Jam-packed with adaptogens, immunomodulators and triterpenes, this is one sector nature that cannot be ignored. Let’s discuss our options.

That being said, I’ll get back to what I was telling you about finding these constituents in your local market. Typically, when we think of health, relief or healing, we tend to overlook where exactly the pharmaceuticals, supplements, anti-biotics, etc., actually come from. In the bigger picture, they are everywhere. Our produce, our meat, our dairy. Each contain health benefits derived from a molecular level.

Here are just a few items I would recommend to the holistic or simply curious individual to try and find on your next trip to the grocery store.

First and foremost, hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are often overlooked due to the lack of floral appeal their fruitful, more mature state of being brings to the recreational market. However, they have an abundance of nutrients that play a bigger role in our lives than we care to give credit.

Hemp seeds make for excellent vein dilation, helping to improve blood flow. They also contain anti-inflammation properties to help fight day-to-day pain. They make a great additive to shakes, salads and even cookies.

Another important product I feel should be mentioned, although not in the plant family but just as essential to our diet, is a super mushroom many of you have already encountered once or twice: shiitake.

Yep, shiitake mushrooms are loaded with adaptogens to help fight symptoms such as inflammation and fatigue. Studies suggest a daily intake of three to eight mushrooms could help stabilize weight gain, combat daily aches and pains and help with overall daily energy. They can even help play a role in weight loss. With only 3.5 calories in every gram, shiitake mushrooms offer an excellent source of nutrients without interrupting your daily calorie intake.

My last suggestion is another mushroom. However, this one has one of the strangest names I have come across in the nutrient world: turkey’s tail. Perhaps one of the most impressive qualities of the turkey’s tail mushroom is its ability to enhance the health of our immune systems. The large concentrations of flavonoids help make it an amazing antioxidant, in turn helping by stimulating the release of protective compounds and reducing inflammation. The most impressive quality is its ability to help our system fight off cancerous cells. A daily recommended dose would be 1 gram three times a day.

Those are three, out of thousands of very simple ingredients found in most supermarkets. It only takes a second to pick up a package and realize what we are consuming.

Our bodies were built to work with nature, not against it Remember to nourish yourself. The best way to do so is through the power of our beautiful planet.

Until next month, best of vibes your way!

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