Hello Alaska! Thank you or reading this edition of the Bud Hub! This round I visited a few retailers in the outlying areas of Fairbanks, tried some edibles, and had the unexpected pleasure of sampling all diesel strains. Take a peek!

Polychrome Grass



“Strawberry Dutch Fire” (21.43% THC, 0.93% CBD), grown by Polychrome Grass in Fairbanks, and sold at Natures Releaf — I chose the strain purely because it was one that I had never had before and it was grown by a cultivator that I had never tried. These buds were nice and dense and manicured nicely, they also had a super appealing aroma: diesel, strong diesel with nice hints of pine. I couldn’t find any references about the genetics of this particular strain online. Google showed strains called Dutch and they showed Strawberry Fire; and there is Strawberry Dutch, but no Strawberry Dutch Fire. The smoke was superb, it was smooth and easy and inviting. From my experience in sampling, I would have to say that this strain is an indica; it melted me and delighted me. I really enjoy this aroma, the flavor, the effects, and the presentation. As I said, it was manicured nicely. That aroma just sucked me in! I’ll be looking for more from Polychrome Grass.

Raspberry Roots


“Grease Monkey” (25.52% THC, 0.2% CBD, and 1.38% terpenes), grown by Raspberry Roots and purchased at Chena Cannabis in North Pole — Grease Monkey is a strain that I am extremely familiar with. I have lots of experience smoking it and growing it, and it’s definitely one of my favorite strains by Exoticgenetix. Grease Monkey’s genetics are a combination of Cookies and Cream and Gorilla Glue #4. This strain is considered a hybrid. The manicure on this bud was acceptable, the flower was a light sage green and frosty, just like I’m accustomed to. The aroma was a little bit different; it did have that distinctive diesel aroma and flavor that Grease Monkey is known for, but it also had a creaminess in the finish and a sharp chemical flavor and aroma in the front. The bud smoked nicely and was neither too dry nor too wet. I’ve never smoked any of Kim Kole’s weed before, and I have to say that I am a fan. I enjoyed this little nug.

Momo's Bakery


“Butterscotch Brownies” (5 mg per serving, 25 mg in total for the package), manufactured by Momo’s Bakery and purchased at One Hit Wonder in Ester — The cost was $25; so it’s roughly $1 per milligram. That price point is about double what we’re seeing for other edibles. Usually consumers are getting 50 mg for $25 or less. The brownies came in a canister, all five of them together and each of them individually wrapped. I really like that added touch, because then you can just eat one at a time without worrying about spoiling the freshness of the others. These are a blonde brownie, which isn’t quite what I was expecting; I thought they’d have some kind of a butterscotch caramel on top of a traditional brownie. One other thing that I noticed is that the brownies all seem to be different sizes. One of them was almost twice as big as the other four. The smallest was the size of a piece of bubblegum. The brownies tasted OK, more or less like a sugar cookie with cannabis in it. I didn’t really taste butterscotch. It was almost more of a sugar cookie or a peanut butter cookie flavor. Another thing is the brownies seem to just crumble up when I opened the package; they weren’t soft and chewy like brownies are supposed to be. The effects from one brownie were not noticeable. I’ll have to eat a few more — and that’s fine, sugar and calorie wise, because they are so small. I probably won’t buy these again, but I’m still down to give MoMo’s Bakery another try.


Green Go LLC

“Platinum Garlic” (30.44% THC 0.15% CBD), by Green Go, LLC. and sold at the Grass Station 49 in Fairbanks on Cushman Street and Airport Way — This strain has a faint garlic/diesel aroma. Noticeable, but not overpowering. The effects were a powerful cerebral high, silly and happy. Platinum Garlic’s genetics are a combination of GMO Cookies and Platinum Cookies by In House Genetics. This strain is most well-known for its sky high THC levels, averaging 30%. I’m a huge fan of these stanky diesel strains, and I was a little sad that it wasn’t even more flavorful. I had tried their prerolls a few months ago, and for some reason the rolls were louder than the actual flower. (could be a storage issue), but I honestly would buy this one again. Nice work, Green Go!

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