Hello Alaska and thank you for reading the Bud Hub, this edition I sampled some CBN edibles and found some nice nugs to tell you about! Lets get right into it!

“Sleepy Gummy” Manufactured by Earthy. Purchased at Green Degree’s Machen location. (Contains 45 mg Cannabinoids from Full Spectrum CBD Distillate and CBN Isolate) I noticed this product on the shelves over at the Machen Green Degree store and was intrigued as I was looking for a natural way to fight some recent bouts of insomnia I have been struggling through. I paid $40 for the jar which contained 10 pieces of candy. The gummies are extremely appealing visually. They are large and coated in sugar. They are soft and flavorful with only a slight medicinal/cannabis flavor. I believe these gummies were fruit punch flavored. I am a little confused about how a product can claim to be “full spectrum” but also a distillate at the same time. In theory, distillate is refined over and over again until only the intended elements remain. And I’m also confused by the wording in regards to the amount of CBN in each gummy, since both active ingredients were combined in the 45 mgs indicated on the label. I can’t say that I would claim that this product is a viable sleep aid, but I did experience the same calming / balancing effect that I have enjoyed previously from CBD products. The packing and branding was really cute with this product, and the service and selection at Green Degree is always on point.

“Mimosa” purchased at Cana-Get-Happy grown by Gringo, LLC (27.27% THC, 0% CBD) This bud smells amazing, it is nose tingling, zesty, bright, and inviting. The smoke is herbaceous and fruity. Nice cure as well, there was a satisfying crunch when I loaded my bowl. I found the effect to be motivating, heady, and movement-inducing; super positive with a noticeable uptick in energy and awareness, sweet and sentimental. I really enjoyed this high and had a fun night of dancing and reminiscing. Mimosa is a hybrid strain who’s parenting plants are Clementine and Purple Punch, and I found it to be fun and enjoyable. I will be looking for this strain again for sure - I think it was my favorite this round! I also would like to mention how much I love the staff and vibe at Cann-Get-Happy, in my opinion this family gets a 10 - they have an amazing selection and you feel like you’ve taken a time machine back to the 60’s and 70’s while you're shopping. Check them out if you haven't yet!

“Banana Smash” purchased at Raspberry Roots, and grown by Raspberry Roots Supply. (25.3% THC, 3.5% Terpenes, no CBD detected) This strain is classified as an Indica. The aroma is sweet and inviting with delightful Kush undertones which was reminiscent of banana baby food. I chose this strain purely based off of the appearance; huge flowers that were frosty and dense. I pointed to the flower that caught my eye and it weight 2.8 grams! This strain is said to be of Italian origin and was originally a CBD strain which evolved into this unique cut. Banana Smash’s smoke is tropical and sweet in flavor. The smoke was smooth and easy. I loved my experience at Raspberry Roots too, this was my first time visiting this retail which operates in a unique fashion; you check in and then wait in a waiting room before a budtender comes to get you. They take time to show you what’s on special and answer any questions. It was impressive and unique.

“Moose gardens, Pakistan Valley” This indica was grown by Moose Gardens purchased at AM Delight and Anchorage (14.79% THC, 0.3% CBD) this weed has an appealing minty aroma with subtle notes of vanilla and citrus. The smoke is delicate with earthy notes of sage and pine. Pakistan Valley is a landrace variety which hails from the Hindu Kush mountain range and is 100% indica. The effects are as expected for such a pure indica, sedative, spacey, glazed over, and chill. I love the service at AM Delight. The budtenders are always so helpful and kind. I scored a new hoodie while I was there too!

That’s all for this round friends. Take care of each other and stay blazed! As always, please direct any feedback or suggestions to our editor Dorothy Chomicz at editor@alaskacannabist.com.

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