“DJ Short’s Blueberry” Cultivated by Matanuska Bud, purchased at the Green Jar. (19.55% THC, 0% CBD, Indica dominant) — I picked up the 10-pack of pre-rolls which were a half gram each, equal to 5 grams for $40. What I really loved about this 10-pack was the extra touches that the Green Jar puts into the packaging. First, inside the childproof container is a small box of strike anywhere matches that are also branded with the Green Jar‘s logo. Also, affixed into the lid of the 10 pack is a print out of some tips and hints from the bud tenders about pre-rolls. That’s a really nice touch, especially for a beginner or first time smoker. This strain is a heavy hitter and has very powerful sedative effects - straight to the head. The strain also has an alluring creamy and inviting blueberry flavor and aroma. This is a very special strain it’s highly sought after for its legendary genetics. I’m always thrilled to see it on the shelves. Great work Green Jar and Matanuska Bud 

“Blackberry Cream” Grown by Karma Grown Gardens and purchased at the Connoisseur Lounge in Palmer. (23.42% THC, 0.39% CBD, 0.87% Limonene, 0.21% Linalool, 0.26% Caryophyllene, 0.22% Beta Myrcene) — I spent some extra time this week with Blackberry Cream and was able to sample her as a “wake and bake” and as a “nightcap”. I found this bud to be enjoyable at any time of day — it didn't make me tired or noticeably energized, it just had a normalizing/balancing effect. Not surprisingly, this flower is bred by Exoticgenetix and is a combination of BlackBerry Kush and Cookies and Cream. These genetics are what dreams are made of. The nugs were well trimmed and frosty, with an aroma which I describe as sweet, kushy grape. I see a lot of comments on Alaska Canna Review about Karma Grown Gardens, so I was excited to try some of their flower for myself. The bud tenders at the Connoisseur Lounge were really sweet and gave my coworker and me cute, branded jars stash jars for flower storage. Awesome work Karma Grown Gardens and really nice retail, Connoisseur Lounge! Thumbs up all the way around.

“Big Smooth” grown by Cotton Mouth Cannabis Co. and purchased at The OutPost at KushTopia. (22.14% THC, 0.26% CBD, and 2.51% Terpenes) — Big Smooth is delicate —  ultra soft musk with inviting notes of herb and kush. The smoke is indeed very smooth with tiny tingles of sweet berries teasing the tongue. I found this herb to be nearly flavorless, but in a deeply pleasing and enjoyable way. Big Smooth is an Indica dominant hybrid strain bred by Exoticgenetix out of OG Blueberry and Cookies and Cream. It has great bag appeal, with fat and frosty nugs that dump kief when ground to roll. All around effects? This mixed bag ranges from relief to smiley head changes, and is super enjoyable and easy to smoke. This is a keeper and a favorite! I had a good experience at the OutPost and had the luck of being served by one of the owners. I have also say that I love this shop’s branding and the vibe in their retail. It’s a survival station for stoners! Love it!

“Just CBD Freeze Roll-on Pain Cream” Purchased at Country Cannabis. (350mg CBD) — I was having shoulder and neck pain from being in the car one day. I happened to be at Country Cannabis and grabbed this roll-on. The pain just melted away. It helped my muscles to relax and calmed the nerves - very relieving. The label indicates there is eucalyptus, mint, and camphor used along with the CBD. Also, I really love Country Cannabis. This retail shop is set up to look kind of like a little farm, complete with a barn with a grain silo, and inside you’ll find all kinds of amazing merchandise, wonderful herb, unique and cute glass accessories, and a claw machine filled with weed accessories instead of toys. I really need to go back. Btw, I also love their hoodies.

Happy New Year, canna fam! Take care of each other and be well. As always, please direct any feedback to our editor at editor@alaskacannabist.com

Contact Alaska Pulse editor and writer Dorothy Resch Chomicz at 459-7532 or at editor@AlaskaPulse.com

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