Hello Alaska, and thank you for reading the Bud Hub. This round I had fun trying some new strains and was lucky to have a friend pick up a few out of town treasures for me.

“Goji OG” grown by A Cut Above sold at Grass Station 49 on Cushman Street. (28.23% THC 1.55% Terpenes) This flower has a spicy inviting aroma with notes of sour and tartness. I’ve been looking forward to trying some weed from A Cut Above so this was a lot of fun for me. The guys did a great job on the cure and the manicure, the weed snapped into my bowl with a noticeable puft of kief and crystals. The Goji OG’s high was somewhat chatty and happy with elevating head effects along with invigorating body sensations. Goji OG is listed as a sativa dominant hybrid bred by Bodhi Seeds. Her parenting plants are Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. This is a great smoke; I’m excited to check out some more strains by A Cut Above. Nice work guys!

“Nite Mare” grown by NorthLink sold at True Dank. (22.88% THC, 0% CBD) This is Travis‘ new girl on the shelf and she’s a keeper. Nite Mare’s got spacey, heady effects that hit you right in the forehead; it’s definitely a dirt nap type of strain, but also noted is a rush with invigorating cerebral, brain tingling, deep thought-provoking type of effects. The effects came on quickly and powerfully — taking me to the edge of my comfort level with anxiety but then dropping me back down to where I was sleepy and thinking about naps and pillows. This is an interesting and intense strain. Definitely one to try. Hybrid. 

“Pudding Pop” grown by the Grass Frontier Farms, sold at The Green Raven. (21.82% THC, 0.11% CBD) A friend of mine picked up this selection for me as a favor while he was traveling to Wasilla. Thank you very much, Les. This strain contains legendary genetics: Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookie and Do-Si-Do. Online forums indicate that this is a small yielding plant and only grown for special reserve batches; it’s sought after because of its saturated resin content and amazing flavor and effects. I enjoyed mine with a group of friends before a nice riverside bike ride. Would buy again. Indica. 

“Wedding Cake X Gelato” grown by Snowcapped Gardens (25.51% THC, 2.18% terpenes) sold at GoodSinse‘s new location on College Road. I am a repeat buyer of all things Wedding Cake and I got a little excited when I saw this pre-roll on the shelf in all flower with a special price for a multi pack. Nice and long burning, the stone hit me right in the legs and got me moving, she also got me smiling while elevating my head space. This strain is classified as an Indica leaning hybrid with legendary genetics coming off of both parents. If you’re ever in the store and you’re not sure what to buy, this would be my recommendation. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed. GoodSinse’s new stores is laid out beautifully with an enormous selection and their always friendly staff was helpful and excited to greet me. 

That’s all for this cycle, friends. Take care of each other and be well! - Marcey


Quick info and insights into some of the many strains of cannabis by Marcey Luther 

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