“White Grape Gourmet Gummies” Manufactured by Garden of Delights, purchased at Airport Way Best Buds in Fairbanks (5 mg of THC per candy, 10 candies per pack — 50mg total). These gummies are extremely soft and chewy with a nice sugar coating. I can’t get over the perfect gummy consistency and melt in your mouth softness of these candies. Also, Gourmet Gummies are a little larger than most gummies — about the diameter of a quarter. I chose white grape over the other flavors offered as it sounded unique. I don’t believe I’ve seen gummy candies offered in white grape before. The flavor was a little bit spicy and the cannabis was definitely present in the candy, but it wasn’t overpowering or off putting. I really like these gummies; it was easy to eat a few of them and the effects were fast-acting. I noticed all the flavors were available in sativa or indica, which is a very nice touch. I chose to go with the sativa. I enjoyed eating them while working on some house projects over the weekend. I really like Garden of Delights’ logo also, because I’m a sucker for forget-me-nots. I’m excited to try some more of their flavors, which include raspberry and passion fruit. i also noted this extract was made with fell spectrum cannabis oil, and it’s vegan!

“Heavenly Konfections — Cherry” Manufactured by Kreative Konfections and purchased at Pipe and Leaf (5 mg THC per candy, 10 servings per package, total content 50 mg). These soft candies were made with Sour Kush, a hybrid strain grown by Alaskan Blooms. One thing that I really like about Kreative Konfections is their ingredients. You notice on the label that in place of artificial food coloring they chose to use radish, apple, black currant, carrot and hibiscus to make these candies a beautiful pink color. Cherry is a personal favorite of mine and I really liked Kreative Konfections’ cherry. While I enjoyed the flavor, I really love the chewy, caramel-like consistency. They melt in your mouth! One thing to remember with these candies is that they are sensitive to heat. I suggest keeping them refrigerated until you’re ready to enjoy them, as they can melt a bit. There are at least six other flavors in the Heavenly Konfections soft candy collection. I think I’ll try lime next time! I also wanted to mention that I love their logo and branding — it’s pretty and Alaskan. I also love that these candies come individually wrapped, making it easy to drop a few into a purse, gift bag or lunch box. Awesome product, Jenny and Matt!

“English Toffee Milk Chocolate” Manufactured by Arctic Bakery, purchased at Denali’s Cannabis Cache. (5mg THC per serving — available in 4 servings and 10 servings sizes). These candies also come individually wrapped and I love that they’re decorative and uniform. They are all the same size and shape, and each have a nice layer of toffee bits on the bottom side of the candy. The milk chocolate is creamy and rich and the toffee gives some extra depth to the flavor along with a bit of crunch. Of the edibles I sampled this round, I would have to say that these tasted the least like cannabis. Some consumers do not want to taste the “weed flavor” at all when they buy edibles. If that is how you feel, Arctic Bakery is a good brand to try. I also like Arctic Bakery’s branding — it’s clean and simple and has appealing and realistic photos of the product on the label. I know Fernando and Ben put a lot of love and research into their creations, and its obvious every time I try their products because they are so very good! Another good one, fellas!

“Alaska Anchor Mints” Manufactured by Cultivated Confections (2.5 mg of THC per mint, 20 mints, 50 mg total). Cultivated Confections is a relatively new manufacturing facility and this product is one they have been working on since the beginning. I was so excited to find it on the shelf while I was in Denali Park. I also picked up this selection at the Cannabis Cache. First, let’s talk about the canister that the mints come in; it’s a cute, round tin. I am sure that when this tin is empty of mints it will be used as a stash canister! Also, and extra sticker of the brand is affixed to the canister with the safety sleeve so that there’s an extra slap for some place else. I love stoner swag so this made me happy. I also love the name of the mints — incorporating the word “anchor” adds an extra, maritime Alaska touch. There were two flavors offered, spearmint and peppermint. I chose spearmint as it was a little more unique. The flavor was much like other mints and had the breath freshening power of other mints as well. There was a very slight hint of cannabis in the flavor but it was complimented by the spearmint. This is such a fun product, but aside from the fun, microdosing is a thing and this is an excellent product for that purpose. Awesome job, Cultivated Confections!

I was blown away by the quality, creativeness, professionalism and also the effects after all my sampling — edibles might be my new thing! I’m hooked! That’s all for this round, my loves. Take care of each other, be well, and have a fun spooky season — with all the CANDY!!!

Contact Alaska Pulse editor and writer Dorothy Resch Chomicz at 459-7532 or at editor@AlaskaPulse.com

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