The Lookah Pro 2.0 comes apart for easy cleaning

The world of marijuana concentrates seems to constantly be growing with new and interesting products coming out of the state’s manufacturers, but it’s usually the part of the menu I skip over because enjoying dabs can be a bit of a hassle. I’ve never really enjoyed the whole process around dab rigs—getting the nail hot enough with a blow torch while also juggling a little bit of wax that never seems like the right amount. 

When I do venture into the world of concentrates, I prefer using a nectar collector-style pipe. These are glass pipes that end in a point that's heated with a blow torch until hot and dipped straight into the concentrate. I find it makes it easier to get the right dose than using a full rig with a nail but it still has the problem of relying on a torch. Especially when you're looking for a quick hit, juggling that hand torch, the red-hot piece of glass and the concentrate container can be tricky.

Enter the Lookah Seahorse Pro 2.0, an electric nectar collector that is quite possibly one of the neatest and slickest bits of kit that I’ve ever picked up, especially when you consider it comes in at a steal of about $50.

It’s an all-in-one device with a rechargeable battery that will get the quartz tip heated and ready to go in about 15 seconds. It has three different heat settings — cool blue, medium purple and hot white — that allow you to dab according to your preference (I preferred the medium purple heat in my experience). Lookah says the battery will get you through about 10 to 15 dab sessions, but I found at the medium temperature that I was getting at more than 15 dabs per each charge.

The compact and easy-to-use system — you press the button three times in quick succession to turn it on — make it easily my favorite way to enjoy concentrates.

Even at a bargain price, the Seahorse comes with an impressive number of extras, including a cleaning brush, a silicone hose that can adapt the mouthpiece to a waterpipe and a handy little magnetic dome to cover the tip. That last part is particularly handy because the tip will stay hot for a while, but just be aware that it’s incredibly easy to lose if you’re not keeping track of it … speaking from personal experience. Luckily, it looks like replacement parts are readily available online.

Overall, the Seahorse is an impressive and well-executed electric nectar collector. It’s easy to use, heats up quickly and is easy to clean. It also is the first cannabis-related gadget that I’ve seen that ditches the aging micro-USB connector — which I always find prone to breaking — for a more modern and reliable USB-C connector that most devices are switching over to now anyways.

If you’re looking to try out concentrates with minimal hassle or are a dab pro and looking for a handy and portable device, then this is for you. Plus, it comes in a load of different colors if that matters to you.

$50 at multiple retailers

Grade:  A

Matt Buxton is a freelance writer living in Anchorage. Comments about this story? Contact

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