Einstein Labs’ “The Pure Syringe” waxed the competition for Best Overall Concentrate in the 2021 Alaska Cannabist Readers’ Choice Awards.

“We love hearing our customers thoughts on our products, and to find out they rate our Pure Syringe as the best concentrate has us over the moon,” said Elizabeth Brown, office administrator at Einstein Labs.

The Anchorage-based company also won Best Indica Concentrate for the “Purple Punch Applicator” and Best Extract, product name unspecified.

So what’s the secret ingredient that keeps consumers coming back? “From our lab to your dab with love and care every single step of the way” is the company motto.

“All our employees abide by that. We pride ourselves on quality,” said Harper Prentiss, general manager at Einstein Labs.

There’s dedication to quality with a concentration on science and sourcing the best natural ingredients at Einstein Labs, Prentiss said.

Justin Roland, who co-owns Einstein Labs with life partner Michele Moya, is a highly trained expert in the lab. Roland and the staff of extractors remove the terpenes from marijuana to make the organic compounds. Moya manages the lab operations.

“I love being able to make something that people really enjoy,” Moya said. “We appreciate and are humble that people love what we do.”

The son of a Midwest farmer, Roland is a scientist with a certificate degree in organic chemistry. Einstein Labs enables Roland to combine his best experiences on the family farm with his focus on making concentrates in the lab.

Concentrates can be a variety of products from distillate oil to THCA diamonds, which consumers enjoy for the potency, Moya said.

Einstein Labs’ in-house grow operation, Dream Green Farms, was the first company in Anchorage to be licensed as a cannabis business.

In 2016, the Anchorage Assembly approved Dream Green as the city’s first commercial marijuana grow operation, which local leaders described as significant in developing the nascent legal cannabis industry.

“This whole green revolution, it starts here tonight with the city of Anchorage,” Assemblyman Dick Traini said as he voted to approve the project.

Dream Green Farms is essential to Einstein Labs’ development of concentrates because it enables better quality control with a focus on cultivation, Moya said.

The lab uses terpenes from fruits and other plants to create the flavorful cartridges, a contrast to the industry standard of using synthetic products, she added.

“It is nice to know our products are enjoyed and appreciated,” Moya said.

Contact Linda F. Hersey at 907-459-7575 or lhersey@alaskacannabist.com.

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