A Kodiak woman is facing charges after police suspected she was using a device to provide them with a urine sample that was not hers. 

Joan Pedersen, 27, is charged with two counts of felony tampering with physical evidence and two counts of misdemeanor violating conditions of release. 

According to court documents, after Pedersen provided police with a urine sample, a criminal justice technician observed a tube coming out from underneath her clothes “like a tail.”

A police officer searched Pedersen and did not locate any device or tubing. However, after questioning, Pedresen told police that she had a bag and had thrown it outside the police station door. 

Police officers found the device near the main entrance. It was a “white band” made of stretchy fabric containing a plastic bladder with tubing and a white flow-control clip on the end, which contained what appeared to be urine, according to court documents. 

Pedersen allegedly told police that she had lapsed and taken drugs, and that she didn’t want to go back to jail. After the incident, she was arrested and transported to the Kodiak Jail. 

According to court documents, Pedersen told police she had gotten “clean” urine from a business in town and put it in a colostomy bag. She also said she was worried her urine would test positive for drugs as she had used methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana the day before. 

Pedersen is currently on conditions of release for multiple charges of misconduct involving controlled substances. 

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