Stack a bowl bong

Dorothy Chomicz/ Alaska Cannabist

For those who want to enjoy a bowl while smoking a bowl, nothing fits the bill better than this hybrid creation bought to you by the folks at Part bong and part snack or cereal bowl, this all-glass bubbler features a three-headed “stack a bowl” attachment which can be filled with different strains.

These bowls can be lit one at a time or torched all at once for a triple-threat smoking experience.

The shallow water chamber has a built-in frosted glass bowl nested above it, and this can be filled with chips, candy or anything else your stoned little heart desires.

If wake and bake is your game, you can’t go wrong with a nice bowl of Cap’n Crunch, and the milk has the added benefit of further chilling the smoke before it hits your lungs.

The Buddieburners website doesn’t currently feature the product, it can be purchased for $35 at Fairbanks Cut in Fairbanks. A similar product can be purchased online at for $129.

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