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The Bud Hub: Cherry Bomb, Critical Plus 2.0, Blue Gorilla, Cataract Kush

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Hello Alaska!

For this edition of the Bud Hub I asked a friend to grab me a gram of the owner’s favorite strain from Fat Tops in Soldotna. I had quite an experience smoking this sativa, so thanks, Dave Parker. I also checked out some pre-rolls this edition and picked up a recommendation from GoodSinse. Critical Plus 2.0 is a flower I hear a lot of buzz about, so I needed to find out for myself. And I also checked out their Black Friday pre-roll sale from Aurora Blaze. 

I need help from you readers!

I am always able to find something I haven’t seen before on the shelves of one of our awesome Fairbanks retailers, but I want to know what are your favorites? Who would you like to see me write about or feature? Maybe some of you cultivators have some new release flower or another product you would like to drop or have reviewed on the Bud Hub?? Please contact Rod Boyce, our editor, with any feedback for strain reviews.

Thank you for reading, Alaska! And Happy Holidaze — Marcey. 


Cherry Bomb by Fat Tops, 22.08 percent THC

These golden nuggets were earthy and slightly floral with a soft sour pine essence in the smoke. This strain raced me out! I was seriously paranoid. (I got our air fresheners and everything) It’s a powerful sativa. Once some calmness settled in, I spent an hour chatting my boyfriend’s ear off and coloring in an adult coloring book. I found that I was giving lots of attention to detail as well as holding my own in our conversation. Great flower, Fat Tops!

Critical Plus 2.0 by Alaska Tasty Cannabis, 20.49 percent THC

I chose this strain at the recommendation of a grower I know who only buys this bud. He’s totally hooked. Critical Plus 2.0 has a creamy, chocolatey aroma. It’s very complex with a subtle sweetness and a delicate vanilla. This strain was heavy and very sedative, displaying its top-notch indica effects. One thing I want to mention about this flower is how kiefy and sticky it was. The mylar package is empty except for a layer of kief and sticky oils left by this flower. Very nice weed!

Blue Gorilla by Aurora Blaze, 21.04 percent THC

I went into GoodSinse for the “Green Friday” event and was able to purchase one of their limited quantity 10-packs of flower rolls for $20. I had a lot of fun over the holiday weekend sharing the 10-pack with lots of friends and visitors. The pre-rolls were a good size, they were effective, and the price was almost unheard of. I know I am not the only one who hopes to see a few more sales like this around.

Cataract Kush by True Dank, 17.25% THC

I stopped into True Dank on my way to some Thanksgiving festivities. I decided to try an experiment and get flower rolls and trim rolls in Cataract Kush. I wanted to see if I noticed a difference. I have to honestly say that I preferred the trim rolls of this strain because they tasted just as good as the flower and also because I was able to take big, hard hits. The flower rolls seemed to burn longer, which was the main difference I noticed. I will definitely be back for this strain. It’s my pick this round. I love the strong flavor and aroma and the giggly, mellow, munchie-inducing effects.

Marcey Luther works for Alaska Blooms and has been a longtime vocal supporter of the legalized cannabis industry. Comments about the Bud Hub? Email

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