Features: darker hues, light airy bud, earthy smell with some sweet spice, earthy flavor with hints of chocolate

THC content: 10.08 percent

CBD content: 0.03 percent

Greatland Ganja, a cannabis cultivator based in Kasilof, Alaska, has combined two favorites — the fabled Matanuska Thunder F*** and Durban Poison — into a popular, energizing cross-strain that is sun-grown in Southcentral Alaska.

This strain is carried by Anchorage based dispensary Great Northern Cannabis in Anchorage.

MTF is cultivated in the grassy plains of the Matanuska Valley in Southcentral. The strain has rugged, sturdy roots that are able to be grown outdoors in Alaska’s short growing season.

According to the Leafly website, this strain smells like hot chocolate with fruit, the latter of which can dominate the taste. Matanuska’s effects tend to come on slowly and then give a strong body buzz.

Durban Poison, the cross-strain’s more active counterpart, is a pure sativa hailing originally from the South African port city of Durban. As stated on Leafly, “it has gained popularity worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects.”

Anita Bradbury, store manager at Great Northern Cannabis, said the MTFxDurban Poison cross provides a high quality, energetic and uplifting high to consumers.

What makes this cross-strain special is not only it’s energizing effects but also the fact that it is grown entirely outdoors.

“Sun-grown complements the plant’s natural life cycle,” Bradbury said. “Cannabinoid and terpene production is greater in ambient light. Sun-grown provides the plant with the full spectrum of light in a 24-hour cycle including sun, moon and stars, along with natural airflow and ventilation.”

Bradbury added that sun-grown strains typically produce larger buds, thicker stem structure, slightly darker hues and less trichome coverage but still include an intense terpene profile and great taste.

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—Erin McGroarty

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