Hello Alaska, and thank you for reading this edition of the Bud Hub! For this round of reviews I picked up a few grams grown by cultivators I had never tried before and a couple that were recommended to me through the stoner grapevine. I really wanted to try some “terpy” greens, and so that was another factor I considered when making my selections. As the weather improves I will be venturing southward to see what other tasty bits might cross my path. As always feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please direct any correspondence to the Bud Hub toward our editor, Rod Boyce at rboyce@newsminer.com.

Thank you for reading, Alaska. Check out our next edition, it will be an all edible review!


“Bowser” ~ (25% THC, 3.27% Terpenes) - Grown by Snow Capped Gardens. I chose to review this strain because of all the feedback I’ve heard about its amazing flavor and effect. The taste was very similar to another favorite, Mandarin Cookies - tangy, sweet, orangey, and zesty, with a soft numbing buzz on the lips. I really enjoyed this flower, the effect was grounding and relaxing, it almost had a normalizing effect to it. I imagine that smoking this variety would be beneficial on days when you just don’t feel yourself, or are having issues with anxiety. Also mentionable, very nice cure and frost. Over all great work, Snow Capped Gardens! Get out there and try this one, Alaska. (purchased at GoodSinse)


“Honey Banana” ~ (21% THC. 2.25% Terpenes) - Grown by Alaska Cannabis Cultivators. I bought this strain off of the flower roll menu at True Dank on my way to a family Christmas party last month. I loved the flavor, you can tell that Alaska Cannabis Cultivators use quality material in their prerolls. They were sweet like honey and creamy and fruity like a banana. This strain is a Sativa with fast acting and powerful effects. I was literally outdoors breathing fresh air with my coat unzipped after smoking - it energized me and had me wanting to move! This strain is a tasty favorite for any smoker looking for lots of flavor and lots of invigoration! Nice one, ACC!


“Peyote Cookies” ~ (17.37% THC, 3.05% Terpenes) - Grown by Third State. I purchased this strain from the deli at Grass Station 49. On this visit to the shop, I was purely scanning the terpene percentages, and had never tried any of Third State’s product. The manicure on these flowers was one of the most attentive manicures I have seen on the market. Each flower was carefully trimmed, taking care to trim around each of the crowns instead of just turning it into a Christmas tree. There were also hints of purple on the flowers and a nice visual sparkle from the oils. The flavor of this strain is very unique, I expected a sweet, kushy, creamy smoke like most “Cookie” strains are known for, but instead it was a complex herbal flavor, with notes of alluring perfume and delicate spicy clove. The effects were chilled out and calming. Very nice flower, I’ll be looking for more from Third State.


“MeltDown” ~ (22.30% THC. 3.52% Terpenes) - Grown and sold by Green Life Supply. When I saw this strain on the menu, I knew I needed to try it. This flower is one that I have some experience with through my other work with cannabis, and has been a favorite of mine for some time. MeltDown has a sweet, tangy, tropical flavor - much like Tampico punch from the grocery store. While this flower wasn’t quite as flavorful as I expected with that number on the terpenes, it definitely satisfied my craving for a flavorful Indica with perfect effects, best suited for pajama parties, baking, and overall relaxation and enjoyment. Thanks for carrying this great flower, Green Life Supply. Thumbs up!


Marcey Luther works for Alaska Blooms and has been a longtime vocal supporter of the legalized cannabis industry. Comments about the Bud Hub? Email editor@AlaskaCannabist.com.



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