The Crafty+ cannabis vaporizer earned a C- from our reviewer due to its high price tag and reliance on a smart device. 

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with vaporizers built for flower, particularly portable ones. The stationary plug-in ones have by and large treated me alright, getting that good, consistent heat needed to properly vaporize the THC, but portable ones have always left me wanting something with a little more oomph. My first-generation Pax Ploom has been gathering dust in favor of more discreet, more convenient and, frankly, more effective vape cartridges.

So, enter the Storz & Bickel’s Mighty vaporizer, which a friend brought over on a sunny afternoon. From the

makers of the venerable at-home Volcano vaporizer, the Mighty brings more than enough power to the table to reach a good, consistent temperature, making for a hit that’s strong, tasteful and pleasant. It also has a neat dosing capsule system where instead of loading the oven chamber directly with flower, you can fill pre-sized metal capsules with flower for easy and clean smoking. After an afternoon, I was sold on the gadget but for whatever reason, though, I balked at the $350 price tag and settled for the still-very-expensive $279 Crafty+.

I wish I hadn’t.

The Crafty+ is largely the same as the Mighty. It has pretty much the same heating element, the same dosing system and the same high-quality mouthpiece, all in a smaller package that cuts out some of the most useful features. It has a significantly smaller battery, making it good for a day but not much more.

The biggest failing is the Crafty+’s reliance on a smart device, particularly after Apple’s blanket ban on any vaping-related apps from the iOS store. As of writing, things are still fine on the Android side of the aisle but getting it to work on my iPhone required a workaround—downloading the WebBLE app ($1.99) and then using the web-based app—that doesn’t feel great, and I wouldn’t trust to be a long-lasting workaround. I should have learned my lesson with literally every other WiFi-reliant device I’ve tried, but here I am.

The Crafty comes loaded with several preset temperatures, but if you want to customize the temperatures to that perfect vaporization level or keep an eye on the temperature beyond “green light means heated” then you’ll need the app. And why would you want or need that fine of control over it all? It helps make for a nice, smooth and flavorful draw but, honestly, I think there’s a bit of a gadget geek appeal to it all. I set it at 375 F and haven’t changed it, but still find myself returning to the app to keep an eye on the current temperature like a finicky barbecuer looking for the perfect smoke ring on his brisket.

It’s fine, but not all that ideal at a whopping $279. The bigger Mighty vaporizer comes with that all in the form of a handy set of buttons and an LCD screen with the current temperature.

Personally, I wish I had either ponied up the additional cash to get the Mighty or just saved my money altogether. While the Crafty+ is an excellent vaporizer and you’ll rarely find yourself using the app once you’ve dialed in your temperature, at an eye-watering $279 MSRP it’s unacceptable to have so many caveats.


Matt Buxton is a freelance writer in Anchorage. Comments about this story? Email

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