Hello Alaska, and thank you for reading the Bud Hub. This cycle I wrote about a new strain, some summer themed edibles and a few prerolls I found during my adventures. Let’s dig in!


“California Cannon” (17% THC) This selection was grown by Alaska Blooms and was purchased at their retail store in Fairbanks. This is one of my favorite new strains to come online in Alaska this summer. California Cannon is a product of Tahoe OG Kush x Star Dawg and was bred by Greenpoint Seeds. Greenpoint Seeds has lots of info on this cross, the breeding was intended for medicinal purposes and dates back to the early 90’s. What I love about this strain is the effect. California Cannon had a strong head change effect on me. If I was feeling funky, this strain would help me in changing that around; I noticed this each time I lit up. Also mentionable are the sedative effects and the warming body high. Flavors hit in several categories, the most noticeable being fuel, hash, and pine. Nice one, Alaskan Blooms!


“Peach Cubes” Manufactured by Dosed Edibles and purchased at GoodSinse on College Road. I picked up these little babies on a whim when I went by GoodSinse’s new location to check them out a month or so ago. I really enjoy all things peach and these gummies did not disappoint. Sugary yet tart, the flavor was well balanced and as expected for a peach candy. I love Dosed Edibles’ branding and packaging and all the extra little touches they put into their product. On the packaging is a warning to start with one 5mg cube and wait 30-60 minutes before consuming more. (A very prudent warning for those who are sensitive to edibles; having too much can be quite scary) Also mentioned on the packaging is how this company uses cannabis distillate manufactured by xtracted labs to create their infusions. Another mentionable part of my experience was the price - at $20 for 50mg we are seeing treats like these come closer to matching the price per milligram we are seeing in infused drinks these days. It’s nice to see prices leveling out from a consumer stand point. Keep doing what you do, Dosed Edibles!


“Bridesmaid” Grown by Tanana Herb Company and purchased at GOOD Cannabis. (25.11% THC, 0.11% CBD, 1.52% Terpenes) I went into GOOD to buy a birthday gift for one of my ladies. She is a huge fan of the Tanana Herb six packs of prerolls. Upon seeing this new strain, I had to buy a 6 pack for myself also. The most mentionable part for me was the flavor-flav! These rolls have outstanding flavor — herbaceous, fuely, sweet, and gassy. I loved every puff! I did a little research on this strain’s lineage and could only conclude that she must be a Wedding Cake cross. There’s only one strain called Bridesmaid, Bridesmaid’s Fetish, which is a cross between Wedding Crasher and NineTails. Tanana Herb Company has this strain classified as an indica, and I agree. The effects were relaxing and peaceful. Excellent smoke! Go get some of this!


“Chemdawg” grown by Aurora Blaze and purchased at Green Raven. (29.33% THC, 2.18% Terpenes) This selection was picked up for me by a friend who traveled down south on business. The bud tender at Green Raven recommended it to him. The aroma was pugent and spicy with floral notes. Chemdawg’s smoke hit harshly causing the effects to come on strong and quick, settling in the forehead and eyes. The parenting plants for this strain are Sour Diesel and OG Kush, making it a sativa leaning hybrid. The high was uplifting and smiley with bursts of creativity. I enjoyed this one. Nice work, Aurora Blaze!

That’s all for this round. Take care of each other and be well, Alaska! Please direct any correspondence to our editor, Dorothy Chomicz at editor@alaskacannabist.com.

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