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Yummy, yummy, yummy I got cannabis gummies!

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Zen Zingers

A new item has hit the ever-expanding DIY edibles market, and this time it hails from our neighbors in British Columbia.

The Zen Zingers gummy making kit by Paracanna Foods lets you make your own cannabis gummies at whatever dosage you require. The kit makes 15 gummies and includes a BPA-free mold, and dropper, the gummy mix, a packet of finishing sugar and an instruction leaflet.

The box and basic instructions are written in English and French, which makes sense because the product is made in Canada. Detailed mixing and measuring instructions are accessed online and include advice from founder and CEO Andrea Butterworth.


“When it comes to consuming Zen Zingers, we always say ‘start low and go slow.’ The same is true for making them. Once you’re ready to try out your gummy making kit read all the info, get your equipment ready, pre-measure your oil, throw on your favorite tunes, and go for it! As you’ll see below, patience, time, and heat are vital to the gummy making process,” Butterworth says on the site.

Refill bags make 30 gummies and can be purchased individually, by packs of four or in a multi-flavored five-pack. Flavors are cosmic cola, cherry bomb, mega mango, punchy pink grapefruit and righteous raspberry.

The products are available online at and a basic kit costs $19.99. Individual refill packs are $12.99, a four-pack of refills is $46.77 and the multi-flavored five-pack is $58.46.

Zen Zingers

Customer reviews on the paracanna website are positive. A customer named Robert gave it five stars and commented “Super easy. Super quick. Dangerously delicious. Don’t forget to lick the spoon … and the sauce pot.”

Reviewer Elissa commented, “Brilliant! Easy to use, clear instructions. Complete kit, inclusive of all ingredients and supplies you need to make delicious gummies, with customized dosing options.”

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